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May Ordeal
The May Ordeal will be on May 10-12 at Camp Pomperaug. This is the first of three Ordeals where elected candidates have the opportunity to become brothers in our Order. The May Ordeal is being hosted by the Chief Pomperaug Chapter and will be full of fun and cheerful service. The theme of the event... (Read More)

June Ordeal
At this year’s June Ordeal at Sequassen, our theme is Mardi Gras. In addition to the fellowship, service and fun at this Ordeal, the lodge will elect new officer, all dues paid Arrowmen are eligible to run and vote in the election. Join us as we help get Camp Sequassen ready for summer resident... (Read More)

Vote for Officers
Interested in running for a lodge officer position: Lodge Chief, Vice Chief of Chapter Operations, Vice Chief of Program, Vice Chief of Inductions, Vice Chief of Finance, or Vice Chief of Administration? At the June Ordeal on May 31 - June 2 the lodge will hold their annual Lodge Officer elections... (Read More)

Extended Elangomat Program
Extended Elangomat Program is designed to be a guide for them to continue supporting their brothers once the Ordeal is over and recognize their guidance. After successfully leading their clan through their Ordeal, the Elangomats are able to work on the program and earn a series of prestigious... (Read More)