Lodge Leadership

Lodge Officers
Lodge Chief Anthony Slate chief@owaneco.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Chapter Operations Kenneth Wright wright@owaneco.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Program Chris Cheslog cheslog@owaneco.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions Johnathan George george@owaneco.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Finance Stephen Gagne gagne@owaneco.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Administration Patrick Devine pdevine@owaneco.org

Lodge Advisers
Lodge Adviser Lloyd Gallup lgallup@owaneco.org
Lodge Staff Adviser Michael Morrell morrell@owaneco.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Ch. Operations Carolyn Jagielski cjagielski@owaneco.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Program Will Ference ference@owaneco.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Inductions Bruce Bowlus bbowlus@owaneco.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Finance Michael Card card@owaneco.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Administration

Past Lodge Advisers
Immediate Past Lodge Adviser Robert Cloutier cloutier@owaneco.org
Past Lodge Adviser Bill Chin chin@owaneco.org
Past Lodge Adviser David Chick, Sr. chick@owaneco.org
Past Lodge Adviser Mark Clark clark@owaneco.org
Past Lodge Adviser Bill Fromm fromm@owaneco.org