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The Arrowmen of the Caribbean
The Fall Fellowship is by far one of the most fun events Owaneco puts on each year. You will experience FOOD, FUN, and FELLOWSHIP. This year's theme is Arrowmen of the Caribbean: At Ordeal's End. There will be tons of great pirate games and activities. Also, Saturday night will be the premier of... (Read More)

2016 Dues
With each new year, comes new dues. To maintain active membership in Owaneco Lodge, each arrowman needs to by dues for our lodge to pay national charter fees, support our chapters, and fund our communications. Dues are $20 and are integral to the function of the lodge. This is a quick and easy... (Read More)

Chiefly Thoughts
Dear Brothers, My name is Anthony Slate and I am your 2016 - 2017 Lodge Chief. I am a member of Troop 474 out of Guilford, from Keewayden chapter and earned my Vigil this past June Ordeal. In the past years of my scouting career, I have been the Senior Patrol Leader, the Junior Assistant... (Read More)

Conclave 2016 Recap
In case you missed it, Conclave was a meeting of all six lodges in Section NE-2A at our beautiful council camp, Camp Sequassen. The theme of the event was "Centuries of Cinema" as a play on the Order of the Arrow's "Centuries of Service". Themes ranged from "The Lodgefather" to "The Art of... (Read More)