Lodge - May Ordeal Posted Apr. 14, 2019
The May Ordeal will be on May 10-12 at Camp Pomperaug. This is the first of three Ordeals where elected candidates have the opportunity to become brothers in our Order. The May Ordeal is being hosted by the Chief Pomperaug Chapter and will be full of fun and cheerful service. The theme of the event will be Star Wars and will have many good meals including cinnamon rolls for breakfast and roast beef for dinner. After dinner, all chapters will engage in inter-chapter competitions and become closer to their fellow Arrowmen.
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Lodge - June Ordeal Posted Apr. 14, 2019
At this year’s June Ordeal at Sequassen, our theme is Mardi Gras. In addition to the fellowship, service and fun at this Ordeal, the lodge will elect new officer, all dues paid Arrowmen are eligible to run and vote in the election. Join us as we help get Camp Sequassen ready for summer resident camp. Please bring any hats or costumes for Saturday night dinner so everyone can get in the Mardi Gras spirit!
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Lodge - Vote for Officers Posted Apr. 14, 2019
Interested in running for a lodge officer position: Lodge Chief, Vice Chief of Chapter Operations, Vice Chief of Program, Vice Chief of Inductions, Vice Chief of Finance, or Vice Chief of Administration? At the June Ordeal on May 31 - June 2 the lodge will hold their annual Lodge Officer elections on Saturday. You need to write a speech for the position that you are running for as well as turn in an application form to our Lodge Adviser Mr. Gallup. If you are interested, feel free to reach out to one of our lodge officers or any past officers. All application forms are due to Mr. Gallup by May 27th and can be found on
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Lodge - Extended Elangomat Program Posted Apr. 14, 2019
Extended Elangomat Program is designed to be a guide for them to continue supporting their brothers once the Ordeal is over and recognize their guidance. After successfully leading their clan through their Ordeal, the Elangomats are able to work on the program and earn a series of prestigious awards leading up to the Elangomat of Excellence award. The role of the Elangomat is that of a friend, a guide and a brother; that role does not end when their Candidates complete their Ordeal. We look forward to including the Extended Elangomat Program in these upcoming Ordeals to continue on the success of our Elangomats.
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Lodge - The Order now Open to All Scouts Posted Apr. 14, 2019
As we begin the new year in Owaneco Lodge, we will be witnessing one of the largest membership changes in Order of the Arrow History. For the first time since the founding of the Order of the Arrow in 1915, Female youth members of Scouting, including Venturers and Sea Scouts will have the opportunity to be inducted into our Order. This will give these female Scouts the same opportunity to learn and serve others through our order, and more specifically our Lodge. When you meet our newest brothers at our upcoming Ordeals, welcome them as they will act as role models and inspirations to others within the Scouting program.
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Lodge - Brotherhood Posted Apr. 14, 2019
Have you been in the Order of the Arrow for at least 10 months? Or maybe you will have been in the OA for 10 months in May or June? If so, then you are Brotherhood eligible! What is Brotherhood? The Brotherhood is where you reaffirm your belief in the higher purposes of the Order. You make brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service part of your life. Your ordeal consisted mostly of physical impressions. The Brotherhood journey is one of the more deeper and quieter mental impressions. Join me and your fellow brothers in Brotherhood. Your next two opportunities for Brotherhood are at the May and June Ordeals. If you completed your Ordeal in June 2018 or before, you are eligible to complete your brotherhood in May 2019. If you completed your Ordeal in September 2018, you are eligible in July 2019. When you register for the event, make sure to check off “Brotherhood Candidate” to confirm your spot for the weekend. If you have any questions or if you want to join the committee and help others achieve Brotherhood, contact Brotherhood Committee Chairman Matthew Sun at
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Lodge - Conclave Posted Apr. 14, 2019
The Section Conclave, the annual Section NE-2A gathering, will be held at Camp Tri- Mount in New York. At Conclave there are great training cells including communications within the lodge as well as the troop and chapter. You also get to learn how to work on different programs like the extended Elangomat programs and lodge committees. I’ve had a great time at past Conclaves. I’ve made plenty of new friends and I’ve learned new skills like communications with the lodge and troop which have helped me significantly. There are many fun things to do at conclave other than trainings there are obstacle courses, ropes courses, swimming, shooting, and best of all gaga ball and many other fun activities. At night, there’s also a fun opening show on Friday night and there’s always better stuff to do on Saturday night like the Saturday night show. There are also silent and live auctions. You will also be able to meet tons of new Arrowmen as well as building better relationships with the Arrowmen in your Lodge. I, for one, made a couple new friends across the section and I’m still in contact with them and hoping to see them again at this upcoming conclave. All in all, Conclave is one of the best events that you can go to enhance your experience in the OA and your experience in Scouting overall. Register for Conclave at
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Lodge - Ceremonies Committee Posted Apr. 14, 2019
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a ceremonial principal? If so, you should join the Ceremonies committee! You will be able to learn about each principal and will have a chance to perform in ceremonies, as well as learning the symbolism behind this tradition of the Order of the Arrow. Even if you are not interested in becoming a ceremonial principal, you could participate in the stage crew aspect of ceremonies. Ceremonies are very important because they provide our members with a way to understand the purpose of the Order of the Arrow and to help with the induction process. Because of this, new ceremonialists and stage crew members are always needed!
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Lodge - National Leadership Seminar Posted Apr. 14, 2019
During the second weekend in March, I had the privilege of attending the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) at Camp Alpine in New Jersey. NLS is an opportunity for Arrowmen to grow as leaders and learn valuable skills which will benefit their home lodges. At NLS, Arrowmen go to training cells throughout the day exploring the adaptive leadership model in a fun, interactive way. Throughout the weekend you get to collaborate with Arrowmen from all over the United States (Including Puerto Rico) The attendees are split into crews of about six people with one crew guide. With the assistance of your crew guide, you and your crew get the chance to tackle potential problems as a leader and by the end, brainstorm solutions to problems you may face in your home lodge or troop. Overall, NLS is a great experience where you learn valuable leadership skills and meet new people. I would highly recommend going to anyone who is interested in becoming a stronger leader.
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Lodge - Owaneco Shows Posted Apr. 14, 2019
“Arrowmen: Ordeals of Future Past,” was a smashing success at the box office at our recent events. With the release of this film given top marks from our viewers, another new premiere will come soon to an Ordeal near you. The challenge for this next show was to pick such an iconic movie that everyone would know exactly what was being referenced. And, although this 1975 film might seem old, it certainly has aged well. It has numerous fresh characters with problems to solve not to mention explosive action and some comic relief. Our next show is one which will deliver a phenomenal viewing experience for all generations. Desiring to explore a new timeframe in OA shows, we are traveling back to 900 AD to a time of kings and knights questing for a legendary treasure. Find out more at an upcoming Ordeal!
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Lodge - Trading Post Update Posted Apr. 14, 2019
If you’ve been to a lodge event, then you’ve seen and purchased something from the Owaneco Trading Post. The Trading Post always offers a wide variety of products for your Scouting experience and beyond. Sometimes the Trading Post doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, but fear not: the Trading Post Committee is currently working on some ideas for new merchandise including phone wallets and water bottles. The committee hopes to have these products available at the upcoming May Ordeal. If you have any requests for new merchandise, or if you would like to help bring these to the trading post, feel free to email me at Pierce at or to talk to him at an Ordeal.
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Lodge - OA Day Posted Apr. 14, 2019
Are you an OA member that attends Camp Sequassen, well, we have a day for you, literally! OA Day takes place every Tuesday at summer camp. On OA Day, Arrowmen are encouraged to wear their OA Sash all day, help with some service to the camp and in the evening enjoy some ice cream with your fellow brothers!
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Lodge - A Letter from the Chief Posted Apr. 14, 2019
Hello everyone,
It is hard to believe that this year has gone by so fast and it has been my pleasure to serve as your 2018-2019 Lodge Chief. The year is not over yet though! On April 13th we will be holding our Lodge Picnic at Deer Lake Scout Reservation, the May Ordeal at Camp Pomperaug and June Ordeal at Camp Sequassen. And, finally, on June 7-9, the Section NE-2A Conclave will be at Camp Tri-Mount in New York, so make sure to register now. With election season ending, the next few months are vital in the success of our lodge. Election rates are directly tied to induction and activation rates. Everything we do- from service to events to training and more all depend on successfully getting elected Scouts through their Ordeal and keeping them involved. So at the May and June Ordeals, take the time on Friday and Saturday night to actually talk to the new members. Invite them to play a board game, get up and dance, or just have a conversation. I know that all of you have been in their shoes, as have I. I wouldn’t be as active as I am now if it wouldn’t have been for my Chapter Chief, Joe DePaola, when I was new for convincing me to take a Chapter position. Let’s make the rest of this year as great as possible for ourselves as individuals and in for others. I’ll see everyone at the Picnic, May Ordeal, and June Ordeal.
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Lodge - Winter Banquet Posted Apr. 14, 2019
In January, Owaneco Lodge held our traditional Winter Banquet at the Costa Azzurra restaurant in Milford. Plenty of pasta and other fabulous entrées were on hand for hungry brothers as well as delicious cake for dessert. The Banquet was the final event of the lodge’s 20th Anniversary celerbration, and it was a blast! There was a great silent auction, many awards were given out, many thank-yous said, and an excellent keynote speaker, John Boccuzzi, Jr. Mr. Boccuzzi is a business executive who is also an entrepreneur, and an Eagle Scout. He has had many great Scouting experiences and was an interesting speaker. You can see his TEDx talk online if you’re interested.
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