Lodge - June Ordeal Posted Apr. 13, 2017
Our second Ordeal will be action-packed from the start on June 2nd to the end on June 4th at Camp Sequassen. There will be service to help set up for summer camp! Plus, you will also enjoy great food and fun activities during and after Saturday’s dinner. Remember, if you’ve been in the Order for at least 10 months, it’s time to become a Brotherhood member. Also, Lodge Officer elections will be held. So mark your calendar to attend to help select our 2017 – 2018 officers. We hope to see you there!

WHEN: June 2nd-4th
WHERE: Camp Sequassen, New Hartford, CT
COST: $15
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Lodge - The Brotherhood Experience Posted Apr. 13, 2017
Have you been in the Order for 10 months? Or will you by one of the upcoming Ordeals? If so, you are Brotherhood eligible! But, what is Brotherhood? It’s where you reaffirm your commitment to the high ideals of Scouting and the Order. You make brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service part of your life.

Your Ordeal consisted mostly of physical impressions, but the Brotherhood ceremony is more thoughtful, deeper mental impressions. Join me and our fellow brothers in Brotherhood quest. Sign up for the Brotherhood class by registering for an Ordeal and clicking the “Brotherhood eligible” box. For more information check out "The Brotherhood Quest" at the bottom of the homepage.
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Lodge - Like Us on Facebook Posted Apr. 17, 2017
For updates about Owaneco and our events, like Owaneco Lodge on Facebook. Just look us up at "Owaneco Lodge 313" and click the like button. It's so easy! Don't forget to check out all over our event pages to get info and reminders about our Ordeals, work parties, fun nights, and all of our other great events. Don't delay, like Owaneco Lodge today!
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Lodge - Section NE-2A Conclave Posted Apr. 13, 2017
Represent Owaneco as the six lodges of Section NE-2A converge upon Moses Scout Reservation for a weekend of fun and fellowship. Conclave will be packed full of games, inter-lodge competitions, Scouting activities, service opportunities, and thoughtful training. Together, we set course on creating a greater program with our sights on better fulfilling the missions of the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America in the modern world. Join your brothers from across the section for this fantastic event!

WHEN: June 9th-11th
WHERE: Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation, Russell, MA
COST: $45 before 5/31, $55 after 6/1, $35 for all new Arrowmen
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Lodge - OA Day @ SEQ Posted Apr. 17, 2017
Are you going to Camp Sequassen this summer? Do you want to complete your Brotherhood? Do you like free ice cream? Then you should check out OA Day at Camp Sequassen! Every Tuesday during the summer is OA day at Camp Sequassen. OA Day is a day where you wear your sash for the day, do a service project after lunch, do your Brotherhood after dinner, and join your fellow Brothers for an OA only ice cream social. This is a great way to hang out with your brothers and stay involved with the OA over the summer. If you have any questions about OA Day please email!
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