Lodge - Fall Fellowship: 90 Years of Sequassen Posted Sep. 9, 2017
The Fall Fellowship is by far one of the most fun events Owaneco puts on each year. You will experience FOOD, FUN, and FELLOWSHIP that the lodge has to offer. This year we will be celebrating the camp that we all know and love. We will be enjoying all of the traditions and spirit that Camp Sequassen has given to us all. So come and cherish the wide Earth at the Fall Fellowship!
LOCATION: Camp Sequassen
DATES: October 6th-8th, 2017
CHECK-IN: Friday - 6:30pm
CHECK-OUT: Sunday - 10:30am
COST: $30
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National OA - Order of The Arrow Hackathon Posted Jun. 7, 2017
Are you an Arrowman interested in computers, web development, or technology? Then you will probably be interested in the 2017 Order of the Arrow Hackathon taking place in sunny California this upcoming October.

As an attendee, you will have 24 hours to hack together new tools for the Order of the Arrow, including (but not limited to) the national registration system, LodgeMaster, and the OA Mobile App. 2016 National Vice Chief and aspiring Electrical Engineer Tyler Inberg commented on why an Arrowman should attend this event: "If you've been looking for opportunities in the Order of the Arrow to expand your technological experiences, provide groundbreaking technological advances around the organization, or create the next big thing to be used across the nation, here's your chance! The National Technology Committee is putting on an OA Hackathon that will allow you to put your skills and ideas to the test and work with brand new software and hardware! This is an event unlike anything the OA has ever put on so if you're interested, you'll definitely want to check it out and sign up fast so you can be a part of the innovation and drive that pushes our technology into the next century!"

Register and learn more today at
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Lodge - The Brotherhood Experience Posted Apr. 13, 2017
Have you been in the Order for 10 months? Or will you by one of the upcoming Ordeals? If so, you are Brotherhood eligible! But, what is Brotherhood? It’s where you reaffirm your commitment to the high ideals of Scouting and the Order. You make brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service part of your life.

Your Ordeal consisted mostly of physical impressions, but the Brotherhood ceremony is more thoughtful, deeper mental impressions. Join me and our fellow brothers in Brotherhood quest. Sign up for the Brotherhood class by registering for an Ordeal and clicking the “Brotherhood eligible” box. For more information check out "The Brotherhood Quest" at the bottom of the homepage.
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Lodge - Like Us on Facebook Posted Apr. 17, 2017
For updates about Owaneco and our events, like Owaneco Lodge on Facebook. Just look us up at "Owaneco Lodge 313" and click the like button. It's so easy! Don't forget to check out all over our event pages to get info and reminders about our Ordeals, work parties, fun nights, and all of our other great events. Don't delay, like Owaneco Lodge today!
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