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Unit Elections

About Unit Elections

Owaneco Lodge every year hold unit elections between November and February. Unit elections is the method by which Owaneco Lodge is able inducts new members to our lodge and Scouting's National Honor Society. The election is conducted by 3 youth members of the lodge and an adult adviser. In addition to the election, the team will make a presentation on camping and the different camping opportunities in our area.


Schedule A 2016-2017 Unit Election

To begin scheduling a unit election for your troop, please click on the schedule election link below. Elections must be completed before March 1, 2017. Fill out the simple form with your information and your unit's information, and somebody from your chapter's unit election team will get back to you shortly.  If you have any further question feel free to contact Grant Moberg at moberg@owaneco.org or Seth Strohecker at strohecker@owaneco.org.  We look forward to your unit's unit election.


Schedule Your Unit's Election


Adult Recommendations

Once your unit has completed their election, if at least one Scout has been elected the unit committee may recommend a adult (over 21) to the Order of the Arrow. Selection and induction into the Order of an adult Scouter takes place only when the adult's job in Boy Scouting or Varsity Scouting will make Order of the Arrow membership more meaningful for the youth membership. A recommendation does not mean that an adult will be selected to become a candidate. Unlike youth elections, adult recommendations are reviewed by the lodge selection committee and must be approved for the adult to become a candidate. All adult recommendations with be submitted online this year.


Submit An Adult Recommendation


Forms & Information For Troops
Online Unit Election Scheduler Online unit election scheduling request tool.
Letter To All Scoutmasters Letter to Scoutmasters about scheduling an election.
Candidate Information Form Candidate information form.
Online Adult Recommendation Form Online adult recommendation form - now available.


Forms & Information For Unit Elections Team
Unit Report Unit election report form.
Candidate Information Form Candidate information form.
Adult Recommendation Letter Letter to Scoutmaster about adult recommendations.
Elected Candidate Letter Letter to candidates who are elected.
Ballots Blank ballots for voting.
Script Unit elections script with notes.