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About Owaneco


The Order of the Arrow is Scouting’s National Honor Society. Connecticut Yankee Council’s local lodge is Owaneco Lodge 313, which serves Fairfield and New Haven Counties. Owaneco Lodge was founded in October of nineteen nintey-eight.



Owaneco Lodge is a youth-run program where youth members under the age of twenty-one develop and execute the program of the Lodge as a team. Adult advisers provide guidance and counsel. Six youth officers direct the operation of the Lodge and serve on its Executive Committee along with the chairmen of the Lodge's sixteen committees and the Chiefs of the Lodge's six Chapters. The Lodge Chief serves as the leader of the Lodge and represents the Lodge to outside organizations and is supported by the Lodge Adviser and Staff Adviser.


The Lodge has six Chapters, each of which serves a different local area of the Lodge. The Chapters parellel the District organization of Connecticut Yankee Council. Five youth officers direct the operation of each Chapter are are supported by a Chapter Adviser.


Events And Activities

Throughout the year, the Lodge holds several events for its members including three Ordeal induction weekends, a Fellowship weekend,  a Picnic, and a Winter Banquet. Members of Owaneco Lodge also partake in the national events of the Order of the Arrow, including National Conferences, Summits, and High Adventure programs.


The Executive Committee holds monthly meetings at the Council Resource Center which all members are invited to attend and each chapter holds monthly or bi-monthly meetings in their local area.


The Lodge And Council

The Lodge supports the council program by providing leadership, promoting scout camping, providing countless hours of service, giving financial support, and in many other ways. In addition, several Arrowmen from the Lodge serve on staff at Camp Sequassen, the council’s resident scout camp.


A District Executive or other professional employee of the Council serves as the Lodge's Staff Adviser and the Scout Executive of the council serves as Supreme Chief of the Fire for the Lodge.