Lodge Events

Induction Weekend
The Induction Weekend, is a new member induction weekend. Owaneco holds two inductions a year: in June at Camp Sequassen, and in September at Camp Sequassen. During this unique adventure of the spirit, candidates undergo a series of tests which allow them to experience the richness and warmth of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. The Ordeal is also an opportunity for those who have been Ordeal members for at least six months are invited to seal their membership in the Order and become Brotherhood members. In June, two additional special events take place: distinguished Brotherhood members are bestowed the Vigil Honor and the election of new Lodge and Chapter officers for the following year takes place.



Held at Connecticut Yankee's Camp Sequassen in October, the Fellowship is an annual gathering of Owaneco brothers celebrating the the achievements of years past, present, and future. Each year's Fellowship centers around a theme; past themes have included a Harry Potter weekend, a Caddy Shack Golf weekend, a Mystery weekend, and a Monty Python weekend. Each of the meals and activities revolve around the theme which run throughout the afternoon and evening, culminating with an exciting evening show.


Winter Banquet

Each year druing the week after Christmas, the Lodge gathers for the annual Winter Banquet and business meeting. New and old members alike come out for this exciting evening of food, fellowship, and lots of fun. The evening culminates in a keynote address by an invited guest and the presentation of Lodge and National awards, including the James E. West Fellowship, the Founder's Award and the Ralph Deer Memorial Service Award.


Spring Fellowship

First held in 2007, the annual Lodge picnic takes place in early spring and serves as a kick off to the Lodge events for the year. Members enjoy a delicious barbeque and an afternoon of fun and fellowship.


OA Day At Camp Sequassen

Owaneco Lodge hosts OA Day each Tuesday during Connecticut Yankee Council's summer camp at Camp Sequassen. Members are invited to partake in a meaningful service project to help the Camp in the afternoon. In the evening, those who have been Ordeal members for at least ten months are invited to seal their membership in the Order and become Brotherhood members. The evening concludes with a grand ice cream social.