Dance Team

Dance Team News – WE ARE GOING VENTURE!!!


Hau Kola!


 We are the Quinnipiac Dancers, a Native American dance team out of Owaneco Lodge 313 in Connecticut Yankee Council.  We use the color and splendor of modern pow wows to further our knowledge of Native American culture, history and traditions.  As a member of the Team you can participate in public performances, attend local pow wows, research and build their own outfit, and become knowledgeable of Indian history. 


Why Indian dancing?

Native Americans and the OA go hand in hand - when presented correctly.  After all, the OA was founded on a tradition of Indians back on Treasure Island those many years ago.  But there is much beyond the OA Legend, television and the movies as to who the Natives really are.  We want to explore these differences by involvement in the pow wow and dance culture.  Although not necessarily Native ourselves, a number of us have lived with tribal groups and we bring these experiences into our teaching new members.  And it is a  lot of FUN!!!


Past Experiences

The Team has been in existence for 42 years.  Over those years we have had a number of significant accomplishments.  We were a featured group at the New Brunswick, Canada Regional Jamboree,  attended several Sioux Brotherhood Days on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota,  entered the National Order of the Arrow Conference Group Dance Competitions and took 3rd place nationally twice, and have run several local pow wows that have attracted dancers from all over New England.  In addition, several of our dancers have placed in the upper 10 at past National Order of the Arrow Conferences with several 3rd and 2nd place awards as well.  One of our traditional dancers even took the first place in the nation at a recent NOAC!


What Happens if I join?

Your first step is to want to give us a try!  We realize that you may not know anything about Indian culture and pow wow dancing.  That's OK!  We will teach you everything!  Yes, you can learn how to dance!  There are knowledgeable and skilled dancers and advisers that have the necessary experiences to help you feel comfortable as a member of the Team.  But you have to come by and see what it is all about!


New Members – Our Life Blood  And now we are going VENTURE!!!

In the past we drew our new members from the newly inducted brothers of the Order at our various Ordeals.  But now we are going Venture!  Yes, now you do not have to be member of the OA in order to join the Team.  Any scout, or any youth for that matter that is interested can become a member.  And this includes ladies as well.  Women have a very prominent position in Native society.  Up to this point we were limited to males only but now we can welcome any interested girls.  In fact we encourage all you young ladies to pay us a visit and see the vibrant color and beauty that you can bring to our group.


What does it all mean?

You have just got to become a member of our group!  As mentioned you need not be an OA member to join.  We accept any boy or girl who is willing to become involved.  Meetings are currently set for Sunday afternoon/evenings at two (2) locations to serve you:  one in Hamden and the other in Fairfield just off the Merritt Parkway.  If you are in any way interested you should contact one of the advisers listed below.  There is NO obligation, just see what it is all about.  We can guarantee that you will have a great time, learn a lot, and experience unique events with us!

Chris Fagan – 203-234-8077

Matt Banas - 203-996-3332