Lodge - LLD 2021 Posted Oct. 9, 2021
Have you ever thought about how the lodge runs, or the amazing people that help the lodge function? Have you ever thought about becoming one of those amazing people? If the answer to both of those are yes then consider coming to this year’s LLD.

This fun event will teach you all the tips and tricks to becoming a success in and out of the OA.

The LLD will begin at 6PM on October 29 and end at 5PM on October 30, meaning that you can get all this incredible knowledge in less than 24 hours at Hoyt Scout Camp. Sign up today at
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Lodge - Become a Brotherhood Member Posted Aug. 28, 2021
If you're not a Brotherhood member, you can 'seal' your membership in the Order by completing your Brotherhood at our September Induction. If you have been an Ordeal member for 6 months or more, you're eligible for Brotherhood. Your next opportunity will be the September Induction weekend at Camp Pomperaug. Join us September 10-12, and complete the Brotherhood process. Register today by clicking "More Information" below!
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Lodge - Conclave 2022 Posted Oct. 9, 2021
Join Arrowmen from across New England for an exciting weekend of fellowship and fun- all at our very own Camp Sequassen June 10-12! Owaneco Lodge is proud to play host to the Section NE-2A Conclave- a gathering of Arrowmen that only happens once a year. Our Lodge is proud to host this fun event and is working hard with leaders from the Section and our fellow lodges from Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts to build a great weekend. Stay tuned for details on the weekend. Want to help plan Conclave? Contact Ben at

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Lodge - Lodge Chief September Letter Posted Oct. 9, 2021

First, I would like to congratulate our brothers who sealed their membership in the Order of the Arrow during Resident Camp at Camp Sequassen by completing the Brotherhood induction process. As Allowat says, “You are now the chiefs, you are the leaders,” and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us.

As we enter the new year, I want to share how I’m looking at the lodge, it’s a different angle than most. Look at your lodge flap and imagine standing next to the wolf and Chief Owaneco. For years we have looked at that view from the same angle into that beautiful valley, not aspiring to see it from a new direction. My goal for the lodge is for you to look beyond the horizon and see what new adventures lay beyond that. Look into the rising sun and strive to reach, challenge yourself to make a brighter future for our lodge.

This year stop to give a helping hand, kindle the fire of cheerfulness in all of us and unite the lodge as one unified brotherhood. To reach this rising sun I present 3 pillars for us to build upon this year. First, “strive to challenge the known & unknown”, if you see something within the Lodge that isn’t working or needs to be changed, challenge the idea so we bring a better tomorrow for our lodge. Second, bring “thorough creativity,” think outside the box and bring new ideas to the table. Be thoughtful in your words and actions because they will make the journey challenging or smooth.

Finally “bonding through brotherhood”, at every chance, you can this year look to the right or left of yourself and search for brother wearing their sash or flap, talk to them, and from there will you feed our fire of cheerfulness and new friendships can grow. Through these 3 pillars, we can look beyond just ourselves and see the full panoramic view to make this year the most memorable, impactful, and exciting experience for all Arrowmen in Owaneco Lodge.

Yours in WWW,
Joe Loffredo
Lodge Chief
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