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Brotherhood Candidates

Welcome Ordeal Members!

Are you ready to learn more and seal your membership in the Order? If you have been a member for at least 10 months, you are eligible to partake in the Brotherhood Quest. Owaneco provides opportunites to seal your membership for free at all Lodge weekend events, including each of the Ordeals and the Fellowship. If you attend summer camp at Camp Sequassen, you have an oppertunity to become a Brotherhood member on Tuesday at OA Day.


What Is Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood is the next step on your journey that started when you were inducted into the Order of the Arrow. The Ordeal introduced you to the mysteries of the Order. Now, during your service as an Ordeal member, you have ample opportunity to increase your knowledge of the Order and make it work for you. Brotherhood members are identified by the bars on their sash which are located above and below the Arrow. Essentially the bars “seal” the Arrow, or seal your membership in the Order.


How Do I Become A Brotherhood Member?

  • Be a member of the Order of at least 10 months.
  • Memorize the signs of Arrow membership: the Obligation, the Song, the handclasp, and the admonition.
  • Further your knowledge of the Ordeal. Learn about the Ordeal which you passed through, such as the four tests and the principles.

  • Bring a letter address to the Lodge secretary with you to camp, or write it there, explaining:
    • What the Obligation means to you.
    • How you are living the Obligation in your troop.
    • How you have used your understanding to help you.
  • Describe your plans for service to the Lodge or Chapter in the future.


Preparing For The Quest

If you plan on attending one of the Ordeals or the Fellowship, fill out the Brotherhood form and mail it in with your event registration form. At summer camp, an announcement will be made Tuesday morning about how to sign up for the Brotherhood Quest. To learn more about what the Order of the Arrow is and help you prepare for your Brotherhood quest, be sure to check out the JumpStart website. If you have any questions about the experience, email the Brotherhood Chairman at brotherhood@owaneco.org.  


Important Links
Brotherhood Manual A guide containing information on how to take your brotherhood quest and what you need to to know. (The password to open the document is the admonition.)
2019 Brotherhood Letter & Form Information and a registration form for taking your Brotherhood Quest.
JumpStart A site devoted to helping you prepare for your Brotherhood Quest.
Brotherhood Chairman

Email the Chairman with all your Brotherhood-related questions.

Register Here

Follow this link to register for any of our Ordeals or Fall Fellowship so that you may partake in the Brotherhood Quest.