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New Members

Welcome To Owaneco Lodge!

Welcome to Scouting's National Honor Society and Owaneco Lodge! Being a new member means you persevered through the challenges of the Ordeal, and for that you should be very proud of yourself. With the Ordeal behind you, a lot of fun and excitment is in store for you. For more information about all of things mentioned below, be sure to check out the Lodge's New Member Guide.


Lodge Events

The Lodge holds three Ordeal Induction weekends each year, but as a member there are new opportunities. Great meals are served throughout the weekend and there is plenty of time for fun and fellowship. Members partake in service projects on Saturday, but even service can be fun with your Lodge brothers.


The Lodge also holds a themed Fellowship weekend each fall with fun activities all day, great meals, and a fantastic Saturday night show. The Lodge has two single day events, too: a Winter Banquet each December and a Picnic each spring. These are great events to meet other brothers and have a great meal too. Watch the website and Lodge mailings for information about upcoming Lodge events.



As well as being a member of the Lodge, you are also a member of a Chapter, which is like the District your unit is a part of. Each Chapter meets on a regular basis in your local area and is a great way to become active in the Order. Contact your Chapter Chief or check here for information about your next Chapter meeting.



After 10 months as a Ordeal member, you'll be eligible to seal your membership and learn more about the Order by taking part in the Brotherhood Quest at one of our Lodge events or at summer camp. The Brotherhood Page has all the information you need to know about sealing your membership.


Becoming Involved

You took an obligation to become an active member of the Lodge and help the Lodge serve your fellow Scouts. Getting involved is easy though, the Lodge has over fifteen committees you could join: Ceremonies, Dance, Events, Service, Unit Elections, and many more. Ask your Chapter Chief about getting invovled in one of your Chapter's committees or contact one of the Lodge Chairmen to find out how you can get invovled.



The JumpStart website is a great way to learn about the the Order of the Arrow and the Ordeal that you went though. There are videos, pictures, the words to our obligation, and much more. Be sure to check it out today!


Important Links
JumpStart An exciting website where you can learn all about the Order.
Owaneco Lodge Events Learn about the many events Owaneco holds each year.
New Member Guide An online version of the new member guide you received at your ordeal.
Registration Forms Download a form to signup for Owaneco's next event.