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About The Website

Version One: January 2001 - October 2002

Version One

In early-2001 former lodge member Steve Zaretsky pioneered the first version of the Owaneco Lodge website, which was hosted by @mosphere Design at http://www.atdes.com/owaneco313/. Owaneco was one of earliest lodges to have a full featured website, with up-to-date information about meetings and events, and historical information about the lodge.

Version Two: October 2002 - June 2007

Version Two

In October of 2002, Owaneco Lodge moved to its permanent home on the web at http://www.owaneco.org and received a major facelift. The new site, dubbed Owaneco Online, contained lots of new information and added spaces for each chapter and committee. A content-management system was added to the site so youth members of the executive committee could easily post news articles and add calendar entries to the website.

Version Three: June 2007 - Present

Version Three

After five years in existence the Owaneco website had grown old, and at the request of the incoming Lodge Adviser, a new website was implemented. The site received a complete facelift, all of the previous site's content was updated, and an extensive amount of new information was added. The site also gained a new more powerful content management system, which not only allowed executive committee members to update the news and calendar, but also modify the rest of the pages on the website. The new site debuted at the 2007 June ordeal.